"Karolin was highly recommended by a friend and we managed to shoot on one of her visits to England. Karolin's talent as a model is there for all to see - she effortlessly delivers shot after shot - but her personality is just divine - she was completely unfazed by a last minute request to shoot a BTS video - Karolin is a total treasure to work with and an experience that should not be missed - I would travel a very long way for a 2nd shoot - in fact I seriously plan to catch up soon on an African beach. Steve Lilly, United Kingdom

"I did my first shoot with Karolin more than two years ago and wow did she blew me away. There's so much to her making her an exceptional model and a joy to work with. Karolin is great company making shooting with her fly by very fast. She's funny, intelligent and she knows how to pose. Communication before, during and after the shoots was very clear. Both Karolin and I knew exactly what to expect. She poses with great ease, without any directions and has a large variety in styling which is always nice. Fastforwarding to now I've already done three shoots with Karolin and I really can't wait for her to come again to the Netherlands so I can book her again. Easily one of the best models I've ever worked with." Tycho Herf, Amsterdam

"Karolin is an excellent model to work with. She commits totally to the shoot with great styling and posing. She is punctual, reliable and totally professional. In short, great fun to work with." Howard Perry, United Kingdom

"Karolin is one of the most capable models that I've had the privilege of photographing. Besides her obvious beauty, charm and professionalism she is a 'bundle' of fun and easy to work with. She takes instructions well and contributes with her own ideas to make any shoot a success. I have no hesitation in giving her my recommendation." Shyamal Datta, Rotterdam

"When preparing my work for fashion clients or my art portfolio, it's often difficult to choose with which model to work. However in most situations Karolin will be on my list and I will check she is available. Off course she has her nice looks but her biggest advantages are her professional attitude, her great sympathy and her smiling face in what ever circumstances. Working with Karolin is a joy. You know she will be there, will be on time, will work hard and will do the job with a big smile. You also know that you will have nice work done because she knows well how to pose and has a natural beauty. Working with Karolin is fun. Looking forward for the next time." Wim Hendrik Marc Steynen, Belgium

"I have worked with Karolin on many shoots. Whether in studio or on location she has always proved an excellent choice of model for a wide variety of shoots. Deep in a forest, on a wild Atlantic beach, half way up a mountain or in a busy studio her professionalism has always made the shoot work. She is really quick to grasp concepts and a pleasure to work with." Andrew Shiels, Ireland

"I had the privilege to work with Karolin, and would love to work with her again since she is a model that I really can rely on to deliver a stunning look for my photos. Pre-session communication was excellent, almost too good since I almost couldn't believe how easy it was to schedule and book the session with her. At the location she was very easy to communicate with, and the four different languages involved (two models, makeup artist and photographer from different countries) was no hindrance. Karolin was very open for my directions before and during the shoot and she also helped guiding the other model and made her feel comfortable. Karolin has a very beautiful complexion and is very easy to post-process with a great hair and fair skin that really makes the photos glow." Petter Hökenström, Copenhagen

"Karolin is besides a beautiful women a great professional and a nice character, what makes her easy to work with. Great results guaranteed." Carlo Senten, Arnhem